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Re-use household items for class or home storage

This craft can be used at home or in the clasroom to organize supplies. Start with a cleaned out cylinder tin, such as a peanut tin, crisco tin, or even a Pringles tin (use for rulers).

Wrap in construction paper, decorate, label and store scissors, markers, rulers, pencils, etc.

My scissor tin is pictured next to my envelope storage craft that can also be used to organize construction paper, files etc. Instructions for the paper craft are here.

Another idea is to wrap the tin in fabric. The fabric used in this picture was of Valentine's hearts, and could be used as a craft with children, given as gifts for holidays, or to store your fabric/buttons/sewing supplies. The possibilities are endless....and free!

Another idea for tin cans is to use them as dispensers for home-made wet wipes. YES, you can make your own home-made, and therefore much CHEAPER wet wipes at home. I will post the instructions for this in the next few days. Thanks for reading!


jennwa said...

That is a cute idea. I use peanut butter jars but they are not as cute.

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