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Fiber One

I recently tried the Strawberry yogurt and peanut butter meal bars from Fiber One. I was able to try these new products due to my membership in BzzAgent. I tried both flavors and have to say I enjoyed the peanut butter best. These are great bars if you are on the go and do not have time for a healthy meal. They are also great if you are trying to incorporate more fiber into your diet! Please check it out!

New all-natural yummy candy:)

I was able to try 4 bags of Surf Sweets candy thanks to Naturally Savvy. These treats use natural-ingredients, with none of the "scary 7" I have previously blogged about. I enjoyed the gummy worms and gummy bears. Kids will love these as they look and taste like their favorite treats, but moms know they are much better for them. I also enjoyed the jelly beans. I know I can trust this company because they use organic and natural ingredients found in nature. Check out more of their products at Please try for yourself and support this great company! Find out more about the deadly seven and other ingredients to steer clear of at

Review for Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I recently tried the extra virgin olive oil by the brand Filippo Berio. Thanks to BzzAgent, I was able to try a sample bottle and share with my family. I used it in cooking vegetables, as well as directly in my salad as a salad dressing, along with a little balsamic vinegar. In both of these instances, the olive oil tasted light and very flavorful. I would recommend this brand as it is lower cost than a lot of the fancier brands but it tastes very high quality. I hope you are able to try it soon!

Review for the book Label Lessons: Your Guide to a Healthy Shopping Cart

Do you need a companion to help you find the healthiest foods in the supermarket? The E-book by Naturally Savvy co-founders Andrea Donsky and Lisa Tsakos has a lot of great information on better picks for you and your family at the grocery store. Take this handy e-book with you to serve as a guide when shopping. It covers common several food categories as well as vitamins and health items. You will be suprised to find out that some of the "healthy" choices many Americans choose are actually not that healthy. Due to misleading advertising, many products sound healthy but actually contain GMO ingredients, as well as some of the "Scary Seven" as the writers of the book call them (high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors etc).

The best part is it is free! Check out this great E-book for yourself here:


And leave a comment letting us know how you liked it!

Garnier Fructis Hydra-Charge

Have you seen this in stores yet? Garnier just came out with a new line of shampoo, conditioner, and treatment called "Hydra-Charge." This worked great for me as my hair needs a lot of moisturizing! As always, the smell of this new line is wonderful! It creates a lovely experience in the shower! I like the 1-minute treatment, which I found to be very effective. Very surprising since most treatments require at least 3 minutes in your hair!
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Schick Hydro Review

I recommend the new Schick Hydro Razor. After receiving one free from BzzAgent to try, I have thoroughly enjoyed the close shave. The shaver includes a moisturizing layer on top and bottom that keeps my legs moisturized, even without adding lotion afterwards like I usually have to. I encourage ladies who are looking for a new razor, or who are interested in trying a new razor to give this one a try.


Digital Learning Day

Educators and Parents, I hope you plan to celebrate the 2nd Annual Digital Learning Day on February 6, 2013! I plan to allow my students time to explore some of the great 2.0 tools online that can be used for creating, analyzing, and synthesizing information. Check some of these great resources out!


Digital Learning Day Site - Lessons and ideas for Feb. 6 and throughout February --Make a story, video, etc. - Online brainstorming
MindMeister - Online brainstorming, click "Live Demo"
Comic Strips -- Students create their own comic strips about a story they have read, or create their own story
Krypto --Critical thinking (math)
Math Playground - Logic Games
Google Lit Trips - Take trips around the world with characters of favorite books ---Lots more Web 2.0 tools if you are interested!

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