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Digital Learning Day

Educators and Parents, I hope you plan to celebrate the 2nd Annual Digital Learning Day on February 6, 2013! I plan to allow my students time to explore some of the great 2.0 tools online that can be used for creating, analyzing, and synthesizing information. Check some of these great resources out!


Digital Learning Day Site - Lessons and ideas for Feb. 6 and throughout February --Make a story, video, etc. - Online brainstorming
MindMeister - Online brainstorming, click "Live Demo"
Comic Strips -- Students create their own comic strips about a story they have read, or create their own story
Krypto --Critical thinking (math)
Math Playground - Logic Games
Google Lit Trips - Take trips around the world with characters of favorite books ---Lots more Web 2.0 tools if you are interested!


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