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Great new coffee with antioxidants from Green Mountain

Wow! Everyone knows I love my Keurig machine, and any Green Mountain coffee K-cups. Can you hardly imagine my excitement when I learned that there are now K-cups which contain added health benefits beyond just from the coffee beans themselves! As a BzzAgent, I was able to try a sample pack of the new Green Mountain K-cups for free to review. These K-cups come with added antioxidants (usually only found in superfruits like blueberries and pomegranates) and L-theanine which helps your brain focus. As a health-conscious consumer, these products are just what I was looking for! As I have researched antioxidants over the past year, I have really come to believe they are vital to our daily health, and ward off diseases. How great is it that now we can get extra from a drink we already consume each day, sometimes twice a day! I don't think this has ever been done before, but what a great concept: adding healthful nutrients to America's favorite get-up-and go drink! What a way to start your morning! I highly recommend my readers to try this out for themselves, this will be on shelves soon:)


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